Hook and Loop in the Water

Summer time is the best time to take advantage of the outdoors, which includes trips to the beach and plenty of other water-related activities. Hook and loop can be found on a variety of items used in the water, from life jackets to scuba gear and so much more. Hook and loop is especially useful on safety equipment in water applications because it is quick and easy to fasten and unfasten, yet its strong bond prevents it from coming undone.


Hook and loop fasteners are most commonly made of nylon fibers and nylon hook and loop works fine in water and the material still functions and lasts a long time. There is another option though. Polyester hook and loop, while being slightly less strong, has the added benefit of drying quicker. Both nylon and polyester are naturally hydrophobic, meaning they expel water, but polyester has a slight edge there.
Whenever activity involves a potentially dangerous element such as water, safety is essential. Life vests and floatation devices that have hook and loop straps are easily adjustable. It is important to the safety of the wearer that the vest does not slip off the body when in the water. Hook and loop ensures that this does not happen.

Other uses of waterproof adhesive strips include scuba diving gloves, socks and weight belts. These items use hook and loop because they are easy to fasten and unfasten quickly. Sometimes it is imperative for a diver to get their gloves off quickly, like when helping another diver in an emergency or in trying to repair intricate equipment, making waterproof adhesive strips a necessity.

There are also many other uses for hook and loop that are just plain convenient. Hook and loop applications can be found on a number of products such as underwater camera straps, surf board straps, parasailing harnesses, fishing rod holders, kayak cooler straps and inflatable boat fenders.

It’s important to stay safe this Summer, but it’s also important to have fun! There are a variety of VELCRO® Brand and DURAGRIP® products out there that utilize hook and loop to help you do both.