No Sew Party Costume Ideas

Hook and loop comes in handy for last minute no-sew costumes! Whether you're looking to fix your costume up, make adjustments to it, or make your entire costume out of it, hook and loop can help! You can get adhesive backed hook and loop to modify a costume or accessorize, or you can use iron on hook and loop to actually attach the hook and loop to your costume as a fastener. Beyond that, you can make costumes out of hook and loop itself.
You can use green and neon green loop to make a grass skirt by attaching lengths of it to a belt made of hook, or by tucking them into your waistband. You can do the same thing to create a hat or wig with black or brown loop. You can also use cardboard or hard stock paper to create a costume (like a robot or a knight) and hook and loop is a quick and easy way to attach, assemble and disassemble a costume like that.

There are tons of great uses for hook and loop when it comes to making no-sew costumes. All it takes is a little creativity and inspiration!

Here are some useful links to provide you with just what you need to get started on your next big costume idea. And if you need some hook and loop to go along with it, well you know just where to look for that!


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