Hook and Loop Customer Uses

With so many different hook and loop products available, we're always surprised by how many uses customers have for it! And with customizations like die cutting and custom strap manufacturing available, our customers have no shortage of applications. So we thought we should take a moment to share some of those with you.

Aviation Helmets

We die cut specific shapes of adhesive backed hook and loop material for some of our customers who use them to adhere padding within the helmets they sell.

Floor Mats

We cut and mate hook and loop for some customers who use them to secure floor mats to the ground or to their products.

Pet Products

We manufacture small straps for pet clothing as well as larger straps for pet harnesses.

Child Products

We manufacture straps that are used in car seats and other products for small children.

Industrial and Manufacturing Companies

We sell wide rolls of loop material to some of our customers who use it for laser cutting and applying it to their products.

Medical Companies

These customers use hook and loop with adhesive backing to apply it to their braces. We also manufacture various straps for different medical applications from restraint and support straps to straps that are designed to be worn with monitors.


Hook and loop is used by some of our customers to attach soundproof padding or paneling to rooms for audio recording.

There are so many industries that use hook and loop every day, that sometimes it’s hard for us to keep track! These are just some of the uses customers find for our products. Do you have any unique uses? If so, send us an email at info@hookandloop.com and we may feature your use in a future post!