Summertime Tubing with Hook and Loop

Summer is here and that means more time outdoors and more fun on the water! Tubing is a great way to relax outside on the water and hang out with friends. Large inflatable inner tubes are tied together in groups so parties can float down a river or stream at once.

inner tubes with velcro straps

Inner Tube Floats

Inner tube floats come in a variety of shapes and sizes which makes for more fun on the water. It can also make it difficult to easily tie them all together. Sometimes these tubes come with their own lashing, sometimes only handles, sometimes both. This means you often have to tie them together individually with knots that come loose often and have to be retied or else you risk having the group get separated.


There are a bunch of good, strong knots you can tie to keep your lines fastened, but most people don't know how to tie them, forget them easily, or execute them poorly. There are also instances when your lines can get tangled up or you simply don't have the time to teach everyone a knot tying lesson. But there are better solutions available!

Hook and Loop Straps

Hook and loop straps are made to hold under a lot of stress. There are different styles for different uses, but one easy solution we recently came up with includes back to back hook and loop and snap rivets. Instead of having to hassle with tying off rope and struggling with knots, you can just fasten the hook and loop and your tubes are connected. Peel them apart when you're ready to pack up! These straps permanently connect to the handle of your tube so they won't come off or get lost. You can even roll up the excess when you store it.
hook and loop straps for tubing

Have Fun and Be Safe!

However you decide to have fun this summer, make sure to do it safely! There's lots of ways hook and loop can help make your summer more fun and safer too. Contact us today to place an order for some of these tube straps or with any questions you have about our products or services. Our phone number is (800) 940-6934 or you can email us today.