Hook and Loop Quality Control Measures

We manufacture custom straps at HookandLoop.com, and part of that process includes quality controls. There are lots of ways we make sure that the products you receive meet customer expectations. Specifications and tolerances play a role in determining if additional effort is needed, and that can include custom jigs, measuring fixtures, and random inspections of material throughout the manufacturing process. We're happy to do anything a customer wants done to ensure they're getting exactly what they want.

3D printed custom jig for quality control manufacturing straps

Strap Samples

First and foremost, we are happy to provide samples for custom straps upon request. We actually encourage it! We want to make sure that what you get is what you are expecting. Getting a physical sample into your hands is the best way to make sure we're on the same page.

Custom Jigs

For customers with tight tolerances, that is, very little room for error, we can 3D print custom jigs to fit our machines. These jigs allow for precise, uniform results on a range of things like strap length, width, and welds. We can even use jigs to help us provide uniform punched holes in products.

Customer Provided Fixtures

Sometimes customers have specific fixtures they provide to us to use and test material with. We're happy to accept these and incorporate them into our manufacturing process. These can be helpful in testing product throughout the manufacturing process. Grabbing random samples throughout manufacturing and testing them with customer provided fixtures allows us to ensure our customers are receiving exactly what they're expecting.

Inspection Sheets

We can use and provide inspection sheets upon request as well. This is just another way we can formally track material throughout the manufacturing process and allows us to quickly address any issues that may come up in manufacturing. Customers are also welcome to provide their own inspection sheets as well.

If you have any questions about our tolerances or the variance in specific hook and loop products, or would like us to quote you on a project, please email us at info@hookandloop.com.