Off to College? Velcro® Brand Fasteners Can Help

Heading off to college means you are about to face some significant changes in your life. As you adjust to life away from home and the pressures of classes, homework and meeting new friends, it's important to feel comfortable in your dorm. Velcro® brand hook and loop can help you do that with a few dorm room hacks.


Hook and loop is the term used for Velcro USA's heavy-duty fasteners that are soft and fuzzy on one side and rough and scratchy on the other. These Velcro® brand fasteners are ideal for putting a variety of homey touches into your dorm and keeping yourself organized. Sticky dots can be used to hang up smaller items, while heavy-duty organizers can use long strips of tape to hang up schedule boards to the wall. One excellent option for keeping organized is a wall hanging lined with individual pouches, as different items can be placed in each one. Labels on the pouches make it easier to keep track of everything. This is one project for which large strips of Velcro® brand hook and loop tape is especially helpful.

You'll probably want to personalize the walls with photos from home and posters depicting your favorite movies, bands or other preferences. VELCRO® Brand picture hangers are perfect for photos that are in frames, while flat pictures and posters can be affixed to the wall with the dots as well. Velcro® brand Cable Ties or One-Wrap® can be used to keep your cables bundled and neatly stashed away behind your desk.

These are just a few examples of some of the products from Velcro USA that can help make your transition to college a smoother one. It is important to feel as comfortable in your new room as possible, filling your environment with things that you love and that you are familiar with. With Velcro® brand fasteners, you can decorate your room with ease and you don't need any kind of expertise to do it. Whether you are setting it up yourself or getting your parents or friends to help you, these products are a cinch for anyone to use, which will make it that much easier to enjoy your new life at college!