Staying in the Loop: A Smart Desk, Shoes & Rescue Tubes

Hook and loop is used in so many applications, it’s difficult to know where to start. After all, it’s not just shoes and wallets that use these practical fasteners. We’re highlighting some interesting applications that we come across, including new business ventures, technology, and DIY stuff, among others.

The back side of the M1 Smart Desk. Photo: Adam Murray

Smart Desk Syncs with Your Fitbit

Stir is a company that produces desks that vertically adjust, allowing the user to switch between a sitting or standing position and continue to do their work. The desk adjusts on its own in accordance with the data you enter into its touch screen and it uses a hook and loop strap to bundle all of its wiring to the back of it so just one cord needs to be plugged in. This helps the desk adjust freely without worrying about cords getting hung up.

It also syncs with your Fitbit to learn optimal time windows for you to be sitting or standing. It's really neat to think of the convenience and advances this technology has to offer, but at about $3,000, most people are probably fine with the old wooden number they do their work at.

New Wrapping Furoshiki Shoes

Vibram, an Italian shoe company, has designed a new style of shoe that supposedly provides the perfect fit that standard shoes don't. The design is essentially a rubber sole with two panels that cross over the top of the foot and fasten toward the heel of the shoe with hook and loop. At least they look better than the '80's style shoes!

Lifeguard Replacing Rescue Tubes

The Rotary Club in Navarre Beach, FL has come up with a potential solution to a problem they've experienced in recent years. Increased beach traffic has placed a strain on the limited number of lifeguards available to service the beach town, located in Florida's panhandle. 80 rescues were made by Navarre beach lifeguards this year, and 6 drownings have occurred since 2010.

The Rotary Club's solution is to install 12 rescue tube stations along the beach. The stations include a sign with instructions for how to respond to accidents and a rescue tube that mounts to it with a hook and loop strap. It seems like a creative way to help bring information and assistance to beach goers.


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