Hook and Loop for Decorating

Are you searching for simple and effective ways of changing the look of your home? Hook and loop fasteners open the door to a wide range of easy decorating projects, allowing even novice crafters to achieve professional results. Continue reading to see some easy decorating hacks using hook and loop!

Sew On Hook and Loop Is Great For Crafts, and comes in a variety of colors!

Hook and loop is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Sew on hook and loop is well suited to joining fabrics, while adhesive backed hook and loop is an effective way to join hard surfaces together.  Sew on hook and loop can combine with adhesive backed hook and loop to join fabrics to a variety of materials.  Hook and Loop is available in a range of bond strengths, with industrial grades capable of supporting very heavy loads, while gentler bonding types allow easy separation of the hook from the loop.

Here are some of our favorite projects to get you started on decorating with hook and loop:

  • Table skirt – Give a unique look to a side table by attaching adhesive backed hook and loop around the edge of the table, sew the mating loop section onto fabric. Attach the fabric to the edge of the table to bring new life to an old table.

  • Window Coverings – Use Velcro dots mounted on a window frame to affix fabric, plastic sheets, or other items over the window. This will create a dramatic look, while allowing you to remove the covering to access the window.

  • Decorated Fridge– A downside to stainless steel appliances is they cannot hold fridge magnets, eliminating a prime spot for mounting to-do lists, pictures and artwork. Reclaim you fridge space with Velcro dots. Velcro can attach a white board to the fridge, allowing you to remove and replace the whiteboard as needed. For those who want a more decorative look, hook and loop can secure unique works of art to the fridge. One example is to remove the pin closure from the back of an old broach and use the adhesive backed Velcro to mount your one-of-a-kind fridge decoration.

  • Kid’s Art Gallery - A grid of hook and loop strips, secured to a wall, provides an easy way to display your child’s art.  Use random strip spacing and different strip colors to create a fun and whimsical looks. Adhesive backed hook and loop dots, attached to artwork, will allow children to reposition, update and refresh the wall gallery as new ‘masterpieces’ are brought home.

With our wide variety of products, hookandloop.com is constantly amazed at what our customers can create. We are interested in seeing how people are using our products. Feel free to share your project with us in the comments section below.