Cleaning Hook and Loop

Hook and loop fasteners are one of the most versatile methods of joining objects.  The hook side of the fastener has a strong affinity for the fuzzy loop side. Unfortunately, that affinity also attracts a range of items. Over time, the hooks can collect lint, string, hair and other unsightly debris. Dirty hook and loop can make an otherwise clean item look old and tired. Additionally, all the fuzz that collects on the hooks can reduce the bond strength of the fastener. Cosmetic issues aside, it is worth paying attention to the cleanliness of the hook and loop on sports equipment or other items that rely on securing fastening to perform properly.

Learn How To Clean Hook and Loop Cleaning Hook and Loop is easy, when you employ these techniques.[/caption]

Getting the Fuzz Out:

Fortunately, cleaning VELCRO® Brand fasteners and hook and loop is not a difficult task. With a little patience, you can return your hook and loop to good-as-new condition. If you only need to clean a few small hook and loop dots, it may be easier to pick the fuzz from the hooks with your hands. However, this method is time consuming. If you have large hook and loop strips or hook and loop sheets that need cleaning, a variety of common household items can help speed-up the job and can act as VELCRO® Brand cleaning tools.

The best technique for cleaning large sections of hook and loop is to comb the debris out from the hooks.  There are many objects suitable for combing hook and loop including pins, needles, staples, hairbrushes etc. However, one unlikely object is particularly well suited for the task. The serrated metal strip on a tape dispenser is the perfect size for combing through the rows of hooks.

Whichever tool you choose to help with combing, the cleaning technique is straightforward. Pull the comb through the hooks in a direction parallel to the hook rows. This should remove most of the fuzz.  Remove the remaining fuzz by combing the hooks at 90 degrees to the original combing direction.  At this point, you now have a hand full of fuzz and, clean hooks.

This combing method does a great job of taking care of the visual mess; however, it does little to address overall cleanliness.  Remove oils, dirt or other mess not addresses by combing by washing the fasteners.  Hook and loop is machine washable but there are some points to consider:

  • Make sure the object the hook and loop is attached to can withstand machine washing. There is no point in cleaning VELCRO® fasteners only to ruin the item. Check any care instruction on the label, if in doubt try finding online care tips for the specific item.

  • Assuming the item is machine washable, pay attention to what else is in the load. The hard hook material likes to stick to a variety of materials.  You just invested time in combing the hooks; you do not want it filling up with fuzz during the wash.  Also, the hooks can damage certain fabrics. For these reasons, it is best to wash items with hook and loop fasteners by themselves. To protect the fabric, secure the hook to the loop before washing. This will minimize contact between the hooks and other fabric during the wash cycle.

There you have it; how to clean hook and loop. With a bit of effort, you can restore the look and performance of your hook and loops fasteners.