4 Questions to Ask Your Hook and Loop Supplier

When deciding what company to do business with, it’s important to know what you’re looking for as well as what each company can offer you. At HookandLoop.com, we offer excellent customer service, quality, and fast turnaround for a great price. Each company has different benefits, but each one reflects some combination of those four. Here are some questions to consider when looking for a hook and loop supplier with which to work.

Customer Service — Does the company look out for my interests?

We always do our best to meet every customer request. We look to source uncommon products; we notify our customers of every change in their order process. We send order confirmations, shipping notifications and tracking information, and we contact customers right away if there are any delays in their order. Some companies don’t do any of these things. Some only send you tracking information. How important is it to be kept in the loop?

Quality — What are my options for the product I’m looking for?

At HookandLoop.com, we offer two options for most of our products. We stock Velcro® brand fasteners and DuraGrip brand hook and loop. Offering products from multiple hook and loop manufacturers means we provide our customers with different options at different price points so the customer can decide what they want. We also provide 25 different color options for our DuraGrip brand sew-on hook and loop as well as 16 color options for our DuraGrip brand peel and stick hook and loop.

Turnaround Time — How quickly will I receive my order?

One of our points of pride around here is how fast we can get orders boxed and shipped. Generally, we can take an order, pull it, box it, process it, and ship it within a 20-minute window. We’ve even done it faster than that! We also offer free cut-to-length services that save our customers tons of time and labor. We can take your order of 10 rolls, cut it to 4-inch pieces, and ship it the same day. Our strap room can usually get smaller orders (under 1,000 straps) out in about one day. Larger strap orders generally ship in 3–5 business days.

Price — Who has the best price?

Prices will usually be lowest when sourced directly from the manufacturer. The downside to ordering from the manufacturer is that you have a lead time for manufacture from 5–6 weeks domestically, to 10–12 weeks internationally. There are also minimum order quantities to consider. All manufacturers have a minimum amount required for purchase—generally a number of cases and sometimes up to a full shipping container. For most customers, this means they must order from distributors and partners of manufacturers that can hold inventory and sell in smaller quantities. We are uniquely positioned to work with these manufacturers to get the widest variety of hook and loop products anywhere and be able to sell individual rolls at competitive prices.

By asking these questions, you’ll be able to get a sense of how your supplier values their products and how they value you as a customer.