Webbing Angle Cuts Now Available

We've always offered our cutting services on polypropylene webbing. This is a service where we can cut and seal the webbing so it doesn't fray. But now we can cut webbing on angles! 30 degree angles, 45 degree angles, or both! We can cut any degree angle from 1-50! We can cut in various different configurations as well! Read on to learn more about our new service feature.

You can now order an angled cut of webbing ranging from 1-50 degrees!

Straight Cuts of Webbing

You can still receive this classic service, where we take our 100 yard rolls of polypropylene webbing and cut those to specific lengths for just $15 per roll. This is utilizing our hot knife machine, which cuts through the polypropylene with a heated blade, essentially melting the ends on the cut for a nice, smooth and clean finish.

Angled Webbing Cuts

You can now order an angled cut ranging from 1-50 degrees! Using the same machine, it allows for one end to be cut at an angle, while the other end is still cut straight. This is great for straps and other applications where one end of the webbing needs to be fed through or into a slot. There is no additional charge for this option. It's still just $15 per roll! To order this, please specify you what degree you would like one side cut on your cut pieces when specifying the length. We also measure the longest side to determine the cut length. So be sure to account for that when ordering.
Example: '4" pieces with one 45 degree cut.'

Opposite Angle Webbing Cuts

Along with the angled cuts, we can actually cut each end to different angles. These are great for corners. If you need to secure some webbing into a corner to provide support, this will work perfectly. For this option, specify the specific degree you would like both sides cut to, and that you would like them cut in opposite directions. Again, the cut length is calculated based on the longer side.
Example 1: '4" pieces with opposite 45 degree cuts.'
Example 2: '4" pieces with 30 degree and 45 degree cuts in opposite directions.'

Parallel/Same Side Webbing Cuts

You can also have both sides cut in parallel! This is ideal for straps where both ends are being fed through a slot or ring. Having parallel cuts means the same side has the pointed tip no matter which end you grab. Very useful. For this option, specify the specific degree or degrees you would like each side cut to, and that you would like them cut in the same direction, or parallel. Now, it's important to note that the length for a piece cut this way is going to be the length of the finished piece, not just one side. So you should measure the distance along one side, from one tip to the other. In the above image, the piece labeled "opposite cuts" and the piece labeled "parallel cuts" are both cut to the same length.
Example 1: '4" pieces with parallel 30 degree cuts.'
Example 2: '4" pieces with 30 degree and 45 degree cuts in same direction.'

This can be a tricky situation to navigate, so if you have any questions, or if you'd like free samples for testing, please feel free to reach us at [email protected] or by phone at (800) 940-6934.