Conversion and Customization Services

The cut and stack service allows for organized pre-cut pieces of back to back hook and loop fasteners instead of receiving a tangled mess.

We offer tons of services for converting and customizing your hook and loop fasteners. From strip cutting to die cutting to packaging and more, we'll cover what each of these options means and what they cost.

Cut to Length

The cut to length option simply means we will take any roll that you order and pre-cut that roll to the specified length. So if you order 2 rolls of 1" black hook cut to 2" pieces, you'll receive about 900 1" x 2" pieces of black hook, ready to use. This service has a $5 value per 25 yard roll, but we offer this to all of our customers absolutely FREE!

We also cut and mate the hook and loop sides together for free! We can fasten the hook side to the loop side and then feed the mated material through our strip cutters to provide you with 1" x 2" mated sets, or any size, ready to use. This is especially useful with the adhesive backed hook and loop as the finished product is ready to use in assembly immediately. This is a real time saver for many of our customers.

Now, for rolls that are cut under 1/2", this requires more time and precision on the cut, so there may be a $5 charge per 25 yard roll to cut the material to lengths that precise. This $5 charge also applies to rolls we cut to multiple lengths. For example, if you'd like one roll cut to 1", 2", and 4" pieces, we can absolutely do that for you with the $5 charge added to your order!

Specialty Cut to Length

For some products, the way they're manufactured makes them especially difficult to feed through our strip cutters and get accurate and straight cuts. This includes back to back hook and loop fasteners and our Total Hook fasteners. Since these require more labor and oversight to accurately cut, we charge $10 per 25 yard roll for this service.

Cut and Stack

The cut and stack service applies to the back to back hook and loop products like the VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP fasteners. These products would end up sticking to each other and getting all tangled up if we were to just cut them to length like we do the hook or the loop separately. So instead, for just $10 per 25 yard roll, we will stack the cut pieces together, fastening them into blocks of pieces that can be easily stored and used.

We can also die cut one end of the material with a rounded end. You will receive the back to back hook and loop with one end rounded and neatly stacked. This service has a $20 charge per 25 yard roll.

Cut and Roll

Some cut lengths are especially long and for these, we recommend the cut and roll service. For $10 per roll, we will roll up the extra long lengths and package them neatly so they are easily accessible and easy to count, rather than receiving a tangled mess.

Hot Knife Heat Cutting

This is the same as our cut to length service, except we use a hot knife strip cutter to cut material that would otherwise fray when cut, like the polypropylene webbing we offer. This means you receive pre-cut pieces of webbing, ready to use, and these pieces are melted clean at each end so there will be no fraying. This is a longer process than our strip cutting, so there is a small $15 charge per 100 yard roll for this option.

Welding Rolls Together

We have several customers that prefer we weld several rolls together to create a single roll that is extra long. Gymnasiums and other large athletic facilities use rolls that are several hundred feet long and welding these rolls together makes it much easier to lay out the material cleanly and evenly. We can do this for a charge of $5 per roll.

Rolls Slit To Size

We can also have our rolled goods slit to a specific width. If, for instance, you want a specific width of an item but that item is not available in that width, we can take a wider option and have that slit down to the specific size you need. If you want 2.5" wide loop, we can have a roll of 3" or 4" wide material slit down to 2.5" for an additional charge. Since this cost is dependent on the size requested and the material availability, it's best to contact us for pricing.

We offer a lot of options for having our rolled goods customized. It can be overwhelming! We're always happy to answer any questions you may have via email at or by phone at (800) 940-6934.