VELCRO® Brand - 2" Black Hook: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Rubber

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This 2-inch black rubber adhesive VELCRO® Brand hook tape is used by a custom wheelchair manufacturer. They use black rubber adhesive on chairs they deign for pediatric and adult clients to secure elements of the chair in place. The material is shipped on the roll so the company can use pieces of varying lengths. The rubber adhesive is high tack, so it will easily stick to the plastic and metal components of the wheelchairs. The corresponding tape for this product is this 2-inch wide VELCRO® Brand Loop. This customer has also ordered 184987, 184988, and 189755.

Hook and Loop are sold separately - be sure to order BOTH sides if needed. Calculator
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Sold On 25 Yard Rolls (900 Inches)
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The Rubber Adhesive works best on substrates such as: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Painted Metal, Glass, Rigid Plastics, and Drywall. Ideal for uneven or rough surfaces. Surface must be cleaned, preferably with a solvent, and dry before bonding. For best results, bonding is recommended at room temperature, 60 F to 75 F Applications: Indoor/Climate Controlled
    This Adhesive has:
    • High Tack
    • Quick Setting
    • Achieves 80% bond strength in 1 hour, full strength in 24 hours
    • Operating Temperature Range: -40 degree F to 120 degree F
      • Material:
        • Closure Shear Strength: 14.0 psi
        • Closure Peel Strength: 1.2 psi
        • Closure Tension Strength: 6.5 psi
        • More Information
          Part Number 184989
          Color Black
          Adhesive Rubber
          Brand VELCRO®
          Sold In Quantity Sold On 25 Yard Rolls (900 Inches)
          Hook or Loop? Hook
          Color Black
          Width 2"
          Product Type Adhesive Backed
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