HookandLoop.com is a great resource for personalized specialty straps. Offering webbing straps, military molle straps, webbing belts, and sewn straps from polypropylene webbing, seat belt webbing, and more. Customizing your strap with grommets and a logo is a great way to alter your design for a specific use. Convenient packaging available too! If you have a strap design you need help designing, our 4D program is a great way to get started. We'll send you a free sample! We can help you discover product options, design the strap, develop a final product, and deliver it to you! We can even incorporate material sourced by our customers to give them the final product they're looking for, like nylon webbing straps or polyester straps. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized straps.

Have A Custom Fastener Strap Design? We Can Make It!

  • Easy Fastening Tube Straps w/ Rivets

    Easy Fastening Tube Straps w/ Rivets

  • Back Strap Sewn to Cinch Strap

    Back Strap Sewn to Cinch Strap

  • Sewn strap with magnet

    Custom Sewn Straps w/ Magnets

  • Custom hook and loop straps with grommets

    Straps with Grommets

  • Sewn webbing straps with handles

    Sewn Webbing Straps

  • Blue sewn medical strap with segmented stitching

    Medical Straps

  • Kayak strapped to pickup truck

    Straps for Outdoors

  • Custom sewn Velcro pages with pockets

    Customized Sewing

  • Straps with sewn hook and loop pockets

    Straps with Sewn Pockets

  • Long sewn strap colors

    Extra Long Straps

  • Sewn straps for military use

    Military Straps

  • Sewn webbing straps in colors

    Hook and Loop Sewn to Webbing

  • Sewn straps with custom clip

    Specialty Clips, Rings, and Buckles

  • Sewn netting straps

    Custom Sewn Projects

  • Webbing straps with buckles

    Case Straps with Buckles

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Sewing Services

Our seamstresses work with the latest sewing machines to provide fast results with superior quality. Capable of multiple stitches, our finished products always impress, while also providing versatility in design and application. And the best part is our turnaround times are always within 2-3 weeks and often within a matter of days!

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Hands sewing hook and loop with an industrial sewing machine


Grommets are small metal rings that are punched into the straps to allow for string, rope, or screws to be passed through the strap to secure it in place and prevent the material from wearing out or fraying quickly. Our machines punch holes through the material with one side of the grommet, and then the pressure from the machine squeezes both grommet sides together, bending the inner rim of one half around the outside of the other half securing it in place. Grommet sizes from 3/16" to 5/8".

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Industrial grommet machine with self-feeding grommets

Webbing, Elastic & Buckles

We stock polypropylene webbing and can get it in several colors. Seat belt, herringbone, and a number of other kinds of webbing are also available, as well as different types of elastic. Another part of these straps that makes them custom is including private or unique hardware. Buckles, clasps, rings, and clips can all be incorporated into these straps to serve a unique purpose for your business or to solve a specific problem. These webbings, elastics, and buckles can be sewn and incorporated into your finished design.

Contact us today at [email protected] or call us at (800) 940-6934 to find out more about our services and how we can make your specialty straps for your business! See all of our conversion services.

Roll of burgundy webbing for sewing
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