Specialty Hook and Loop Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand iron on hook and loop tape, VELCRO® Brand VELSTICK® Fasteners, silver coated electrically conductive hook and loop tape, heavy duty, industrial strength VELCRO® Brand MVA8 hook (also called HTH 511), and the single component, self engaging total hook fasteners are all available here.

VELCRO® Brand iron on hook and loop fasteners use a heat activated adhesive 0143 that becomes tacky once heat is applied either by ironing or RF welding. This adhesive bonds to a wide range of fabrics and has excellent water resistance. Full bond strength is reached after 24 hours. The operating temperature range is -40 F to 160 F.

VELCRO® Brand VELSTICK® Fasteners use woven nylon bonded to a semi-rigid vinyl extrusion. These sticks are available in 1” and 1 3/4" widths with standard hook 88 and loop 1000. We also offer a 1” wide VELSTICK® MVA8 hook fasteners (also known as HTH 511) which is a high profile hook made of polypropylene and used as a semi-permanent fastener. All VELCRO® Brand VELSTICK® Fasteners are four feet in length, available in Black only, and do not have any adhesive backing. These fasteners are installed with screws or rivets, or by feeding them into a track. VELCRO® Brand VELSTICK® Fasteners are used to attach boat headliners, RV curtains, gymnastics mats, wall mats in gyms, and various other applications.

DuraGrip brand electrically conductive hook and loop fasteners are coated in liquid silver to optimize conductivity. The hook has a resistivity of 1.8 Ohms per square inch, while the loop has a resistivity of 1.4 Ohms per square inch. During closure, this product produces 0.8 Ohms of resistivity (when the hook and loop are mated together). Electrically conductive hook and loop is great for RF/EMI shielding and for use on grounding straps in anti-static applications, such as clean room environments or electronic assembly plants, where workers may be tethered. The military also has use for this material, using it to shield tents and other equipment from outside radio frequencies. There is a 10 yard minimum order quantity for this product. It is available in 5/8”, 1” and 2” widths. Our specialty fasteners have a cycle life of about 5,000 cycles.

VELCRO® Brand MVA8 hook is a strong, high profile molded plastic hook used for semi-permanent bonds. It works well with standard loop 1000. This high-temperature VELCRO® adhesive product is available in standard sew on and with the PS0172 acrylic backing. These VELCRO® Brand specialty fasteners are ideal in outdoor conditions as the plastic is mold and UV resistant while the adhesive holds up well to high temperatures and moisture. MVA8, also known as HTH 511, is for heavy duty applications with little to no cycling. This high temperature hook and loop is useful for a variety of projects.

DuraGrip brand total hook is a fastener that engages with itself, similar to VELCRO® Brand OMNI-TAPE®® fasteners. It is a single component fastener designed by combining the hook and loop on one side, in alternating rows, giving this fastener the ability to fasten to itself. The back side is a flat nylon surface, making it great for sewing onto clothing or bags, as well as strap manufacturing where the strap may require variable length. This product is available in 1”, 1.5” and 2” widths in Black only.

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