VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable Ties

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Strap HTH 888 Knit Nylon/Polyethylene are Cable Ties made with low-profile polyethylene hook and nylon loop, back to back, creating a product that can be wrapped around and fastens to itself. This product is great for cable management and for fastening products together. These VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® cable ties are sold by the bundle - 25 straps per bundle. The straps are measured by width at the head of the strap and the length is measured from end to end.

The width of these straps is measured at the widest part. The straps taper down about 1/4" from there.

Discounts are available when ordering full spools of VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties. See below for details.

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Part Number VOWF-1707
Color Black
Length 6"
Style Hook to Loop
Ring Shape D Ring
Measurement Sold In Unit Individually, $25 Minimum

3/4" x 6” - 1,200 straps per spool

3/4" x 8” - 900 straps per spool

3/4" x 12” - 600 straps per spool

3/4" x 18” - 400 straps per spool

1" x 12” - 450 straps per spool

1 3/4" x 23.5” - 230 straps per spool


Full spools are available at a 10% discount - call 800-940-6934 for ordering a full roll

Shear Strength: 23 PSI (avg.)

Peel Strength: 0.5 PIW (avg.)

Rated Load: 18 pounds

Operating Temperature Range: 0-222° F

Cycle Life: Medium

Sold Individually, $25 Minimum
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