Invention of VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop

Who invented VELCRO® brand tape?

cockleburs, the inspiration for VELCRO

The VELCRO® brand of hook and loop was invented by a man named George de Mestral in the 1940's while hunting in the Jura mountains in Switzerland. Mr. de Mestral, a Swiss engineer, realized that the tiny hooks of the cockle-burs were stuck on his pants and in his dog's fur and wondered how they attached themselves. Under the scrutiny of the microscope, he observed the hooks engaging the loops in the fabric of his pants. Want to learn more about how VELCRO® Brand works? Check out our informational page on hook and loop fabric material and its many uses!

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What is VELCRO® and Where Did the Word "Velcro" Come From?

VELCRO® inventor De Mestral, along with help from friends in the weaving business, finally duplicated mother nature's hook and loop fastener in the manufacturing plant. The result was the origin of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners, from the French words for velvet "velour", and hook, "crochet".

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VELCRO® Brand Timeline
  • 1940s - Summer walk in the woods, discovers cockleburs
  • 1952 - Velcro S.A. established in Switzerland
  • 1955 - Patents "Velvet Type Fabric and Method of Producing The Same" Patent #2,717,437 with the Swiss government.
  • 1957 - Velcro USA opened in Manchester, NH
  • 1958 - Velcro trademark registered in the United States
  • 1979 - Original patents expire
  • 1990 - George de Mestral dies
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