Custom Made Industrial Straps: Sewn or Welded

At our most popular straps are our hook and loop straps, but we can customize straps for any customer. We work with tons of clients through our 4D program to design straps with bungee cord, swivel clips, seat belt material, press lock clips, and so much more. We make medical straps, pallet straps, commercial and industrial straps, straps for lifting boxes, the list goes on and on.

Here are just some examples of hook and loop custom straps we’ve made for our customers.

Pallet Straps

Pallet straps are used for securing items to a wooden pallet. Our straps hold beer kegs onto pallets for breweries, the straps hold boxes in place instead of plastic wrap, and they can even be used to manage the pallets themselves. The pallet straps are usually 2” wide and at least 96”. We can make them in unlimited lengths. These straps are fully customizable by width, length, and color. We also logo imprint for brand applications.

4" Custom Webbing Strap

Straps Made With Webbing

We use several types of webbing to make custom webbing straps that are heavy duty for commercial and industrial applications. While we stock polypropylene webbing in both lightweight and heavyweight, we also use other types of webbing from herringbone to seat belt webbing. The hook and loop is sewn to the webbing to add strength to industrial lifting straps. The seat belt webbing, which is similar to a seat belt in a vehicle, is great for personal strapping applications because it provides added strength as well as a soft texture that is smooth against skin.

Medical Safety Strap

Patient Restraint and Lifting Straps

Restraint straps are used by tons of industries from first responders, surgeons, anesthesiologists and dentists, to hospice, homecare and disability centers. These are hook and loop straps that can be used to secure a patient to a dentist's chair or a doctor's surgical table. Custom lifting straps can also be used to lift patients onto backboards or stretchers. Our hook and loop straps are also used to strap people into wheelchairs or motorized scooters by strapping their feet to the foot plate, or keeping them upright in their device. Personal comfort is always a priority when making restraint straps and the seat belt webbing or softer loop products like the 3610 work well to ensure that comfort.

Weight Lifter Stance Strap

Weightlifting and Gymnastics Straps

Our straps are used for wrist supports and barbell strapping by weightlifters and gymnasts. These straps usually wrap around the wrist to provide support and may also include extra strapping to wrap around a barbell to help provide a stronger, firmer grip. These weightlifting straps are also sewn into weightlifters gloves to create the closure for them. This particular strap is used as a weight lifter stance strap to perfect the proper foot spacing for weightlifting.

Need Help With a Strap Idea?

Give us a call at 1-800-940-6934. A real, live person will answer the phone Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm. You can also fill out our custom strap form or send us an email explaining your strap and we'll get back to you by the next business day.

Army Convenience Outlet Strap

Army Convenience Outlet Strap

Medical Brace Strap

Medical Brace Strap

DuraGrip Grommet Cinch Strap

Duragrip Grommet Cinch Strap

Fishing Towel

Fishing Towel Swivel Strap

Key Chain Strap

Key Chain Strap

 K9 Dog Training Strap

K9 Dog Training Industry

Polo Pony/Horse Leg Wraps

Laser Headbands

Camera Lens Strap

Camera Lens Strap

Kayak Tie Down Strap

Kayak Tie Down Straps

Safe Soccer Goals Carrying Strap

Safe Soccer Goals Carrying strap

Vas Clamp Strap

Vas Clamp Strap

Box stitching on straps

Cord Strap to hide extension cords

Heat Gun Straps

Yoga Mat Straps

Motorcycle Pant Leg Tie Down Straps

Resort Umbrella Straps