Take advantage of our top quality embroidery machinery to add custom embroidered designs and text to your hook and loop project.

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  • Clothing and Gear

As a leader in hook and loop manufacturing services, we know many companies need our products to be adaptable for many unique projects. We proudly offer our clients customizable embroidery as part of our services. No matter your business or industry we strive to offer a full range of custom converting services and make it easy to create and customize your hook and loop products exactly the way you want. Our embroidery services are performed in house on state of the art machines, allowing you to customize your project with added embroidery in little time.

Using the industry’s top quality embroidery machines, HookandLoop.com has the ability to add designs or text to any hook and loop project. Our state-of-the-art, multi-needle embroidery machine has six different color options, along with a multitude of fonts and designs to choose from. Every strap that Hook and Loop creates is already strong and reliable, but now you can add stylish to the description! HookandLoop.com creates fastening solution that is both strong and decorative. It’s easy to add a company logo or a fun design to personalize any project with our industry embroidery service.

In addition to embroidery we offer a wide array of custom hook and loop services from sewing, welding, and die cutting to adding printed logos. Our array of custom services combined with outstanding customer service make it easy to see why so many companies rely on HookandLoop.com for their manufacturing and converting of hook and loop.

To learn more about our custom embroidery capabilities and how we can help your project be a success, contact our customer service team today!

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