Wide Loop Uses

We offer several sizes, colors and styles of wide loop products. Wide loop is the loop side of hook and loop fasteners, manufactured in wide sheets for a variety of uses. We’ll cover some common uses here, but first let’s look at the different wide loop options we offer.
Wide loop is available in wide sheets.
We offer both DuraGrip and VELCRO® Brand wide loop. This is the standard woven wide loop material that is most comparable to the loop you would find in everyday use. This product is 54” – 60” wide and available in black and white in the VELCRO® Brand and in coyote brown and olive drab in our DuraGrip Brand. We also carry the VELCRO® Brand wide loop, known as Wide Loop 3001, in 12” and 24” widths in black only.

Additionally, we stock VELCRO® Brand Wide Loop 3610 which is a low profile knit loop that has a velvety texture to it. This material is available in black and white and is 50” wide.

Lastly, we offer display loop under our DuraGrip Brand which has a 5 yard minimum and 3-4 business day lead time. This material is 63” wide and available in a variety of colors in two styles: Regal and Premier.

Now that we’ve covered the products, we can look at what wide loop is most commonly used for.

Display Panels

Display panels are frequently used in trade shows and conventions to help reps show off their products. The wide loop can be attached to panels, allowing for boards and cards and all sorts of information to be displayed to attendees.

Pedal Boards

Pedal boards are electrical panel boxes that use hook and loop to attach various electrical music components for performance. The hook and loop allows for customizing the pedal locations while providing a snug and secure fit.

Shadow Boxes

These are often used for displaying patches, medals, awards, mementos, and various other articles someone wants to arrange and display.

Die Cutting

Some businesses choose to laser cut or die cut the loop material themselves in manufacturing their products. These wide sheets allow for optimum output especially when a die cut is particularly odd shaped or unique in design.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email at info@hookandloop.com.