Wide Loop Products

Wide loop products are the soft fuzzy side of hook and loop fasteners that are woven in large sheets. Wide loop is most often used in tradeshows on display panels and on pedal boards and shadow boxes and a variety of other similar applications. We carry a variety of styles and widths in multiple brands.

Wide loop options are available in several widths.

VELCRO ® Brand Wide Loop

In the VELCRO ® Brand, we have two styles of wide loop available in three sizes. The Loop 3001 is comparable to the standard Loop 1000 which is the most common loop fastener. That style is available in 24” wide and 54” wide, sold by the yard. The 24” is only available in Black while the 54” is available in both Black and White.

We also carry the wide VELCRO ® Brand Loop 3610 which is a low-profile knit loop that has a similar look to velvet. The loop 3610 has a medium cycle life and works well with both low-profile hook and hook 88, which is the standard style hook fastener. This product is available in 50” wide with a closure strength that is a little less than the loop 3001. Both loops work well in most applications.

DuraGrip Brand Wide Loop

In addition to the VELCRO ® Brand, we also carry our DuraGrip Brand display loop in a 63” width. This product is available in two different styles, the regal and the premier. The regal display loop is a sturdier weave that is similar to felt. The regal display loop comes in six colors and drop ships directly from the manufacturer. There is a 5 yard minimum for all orders.

The DuraGrip Brand display loop is also available in the premier style. The premier is also 63” wide and has a similar construction. The difference is that the premier has a ridged pattern, similar to berber carpeting. Premier display loop is sold in 11 colors and is subject to the same 5 yard minimum order as the regal display loop.

Pricing varies from $17.37 - $40.25 per yard and all wide loop products are discounted 10% on orders of 25 yards or more. That discount grows to 25% on orders of 50 yards or more. We’re always happy to send out samples to answer any questions you might have, and we’re available Monday through Friday, 8am until 5pm to answer phone calls and emails.


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