Wide Hook Options

We often get phone calls and emails from customers asking if we offer any wide hook options to go along with the wide loop products we sell. The fact of the matter is that sheets of wide hook just aren’t manufactured because there isn’t the demand to justify the cost of manufacturing such a product. However, there are some options that can solve most needs for a wide hook fastener.

6 inch wide hook is available in black with rubber adhesive backing or in standard sew on.

The most common request for wide hook comes from customers who use floor buffers and sanders. Apparently most of these sanders come with pads that attach with hook and loop. The pads have the loop side on them, and after several uses, the hook side wears out on the sander/buffer. The manufacturer of these products doesn’t supply replacements, so we often receive messages from people looking for the widest hook available.

The best answer to that question is the 6” DuraGrip Brand Black Hook which is available with or without an adhesive backing. These items are sold on 25 yard rolls and at 6” wide the price can be more than someone is willing to pay when looking to replace one single piece of hook. As a result, we started offering our 6” Black Hook with Rubber Adhesive by the yard about a year ago and this has solved the needs of many customers. But maybe your application doesn’t require 6” hook and loop material. What then?

Peel & Stick Wide Hook

We also offer hook and loop products on 25 yard rolls in 2”, 3”, 4” and 5” widths in Black and White with both Rubber and Acrylic adhesives. In addition to Black and White, we also offer 14 different colors in the 2” wide hook and loop in the Rubber adhesive only. The 2” adhesive backed hook and loop is a difficult product for consumers to find and we carry it in tons of colors.

Sew-On Wide Hook

We offer the same line of products without adhesive backing. This is called standard, or sew-on, hook. We offer these products in the same widths as the peel & stick with the added benefit of an additional 11 colors in the 2” width. That’s 25 different colors you can get the sew-on hook and loop in! We also offer the 4” wide hook and loop in 21 colors.

So to recap, if you are looking for a wide hook product, we offer:

Width Sew On Adhesive Backed Colors
2" 25 Different Options
2" 14 Different Options
3" Black or White
3" Black or White
4" 21 Different Options
4" Black or White
5" Black or White
5" Black or White
6" Black or White
6" Black


We also offer the 6” Black Adhesive Backed Hook and Loop by the yard.