Multicam loop is a VELCRO® Brand loop product that has a camouflage pattern on it displaying greens, browns and beiges. This camouflage loop product is Berry Amendment compliant, available in 2”, 4” and 6” widths, and sold on 25 yard rolls. This can be used on uniforms, bags, name plates and so much more.

This material is slit to width from wide rolls of Loop 3001 which means it is a little more pliable than other loops but just as strong. This is also great for use with patches as it matches other patterned OCIE. Contact us today to find out how we can help you convert this material into your intended end use. We can die cut it, strip cut it, or manufacture custom straps with this!

This 100% nylon material is available in a 6” width too, which is ideal for larger applications like patches, jackets, coveralls and more. Military supply companies and converters will have plenty of use for this! Sews well and offers good cycle life. Also great for use in display panels, shadow boxes, and for hanging medals.

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