Velcro® Brand Fasteners: The Fishermen's Secret Weapon

There is no question there are ways to make the world's most stress-free pastime even more stress-free. Velcro® brand hook and loop is the solution. Hook and loop works whether wet or dry, and has many uses.


One example of Velcro® brand fasteners helping anglers is the on-person fishing rod holder. This can be a fishing shirt or vest; typically, you'll see a small loop on the bottom right of the front, and at the top left is a small tab with Velcro® brand hook and loop. It's for holding the fishing rod. You hook the butt of the rod into the loop below, resting at the reel, and you fasten the hook and loop to hold the rod against your chest. This frees up your hands, making it easier to tie on a new lure or to remove the hook from your catch.

If you're carrying multiple rods, you can muscle it out with a rod between fingers, hoping your grip doesn't slip -- or you can create Velcro® Brand fishing rod straps by wrapping some hook and loop around the rods for a clever carrying harness. See what Cold Tuna has done with hook and loop to help fishermen carry rods.

Velcro® brand fasteners are also perfect for managing your small affects. Flies can be stored in your tackle box, but it can be hard to keep them organized in there. Foam fly patches can be attached to a vest with hook and loop or they can be wrapped around your wrist with a hook and loop strap for easy access. Here's a good blog post that shows various fly patches and their applications.

Or, for larger lures, see what Bass Pro Shops has done: they use hook and loop to fashion lure storage pieces, ensuring the safe and convenient transport of your lures.

Velcro® brand fasteners are indeed an angler's secret weapon - it may not bring in more fish, but it extends your enjoyment of the outdoors in so many small ways that you'll be able to stay out for as long as it takes to land the big one.


Slava Yurthev Copyright