Unique Velcro® Brand Products Offer Innovative Solutions

Today, innovative materials offer solutions for people seeking secure, durable ways to temporarily affix one surface to another. HookandLoop.com supplies a wide selection of DuraGrip and Velcro® brand fasteners and customers use our products to solve a variety of tasks requiring dependable, flexible fasteners.

Clockwise from top left: Velstick, Stretch Loop, Electrically Conductive, Unidirectional hook.

Some Unique Velcro® Brand Products

Most people recognize the standard industrial strength hook and loop products that Velcro USA offers. We'll cover some of the VELCRO® Brand alternatives that offer unique or specific characteristics that can be used in special applications.

"Silent Velcro"

When Velcro USA began manufacturing their High Technology Hook (HTH), they used plastic and molded it to a specific hook design. The strength of the bond can be somewhat adjusted by the size, shape, and alternating direction of these hooks in manufacturing. You might be wondering how to make VELCRO® quiet. By creating a unidirectional hook as opposed to a multidirectional hook, they were able to greatly reduce the ripping sound that so many people associate with Velcro® brand fasteners. Other HTH products are used in applications where a low profile fastener is required or where there will be a ton of cycles (fastening and unfastening).

Electrically Conductive Velcro

This VELCRO® Brand technology is standard hook and loop that has been silver coated. Silver is one of the most conductive metals so when the hook and loop are both engaged the closure produces 0.8 Ohms of resistivity. This product is most commonly used for RF/EMI shielding and grounding straps for static control.

Velcro® Brand Velstick®

This unique VELCRO® Brand Product helps secure curtains, covers or padding. It consists of a rubberized plastic frame containing a length of hook or loop. The customer typically uses rivets and screws to secure this product in place, although some applications have a track to slide the stick into place. This product is also used to secure automotive and boat headliners.

Stretch Loop

DuraGrip® Brand Stretch Loop and Velcro® Brand Velstretch® Loop are used often in athletic and medical circles. This kind of loop fastener is cross-woven with elastic fibers to allow for a stretchy loop that creates a snug and comfortable fit when fastened to the body like in respiratory device straps, sports head bands and shin guard strips. It is mostly used in strap manufacturing for these applications as the material offers moderate resistance and even tension, making it ideal for anyone desiring both a snug fit and flexibility in a strap with about 50% elasticity.

If you have a unique application or if one of these products sounds like it would be perfect for your product, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss how we can help your business with VELCRO® Brand alternatives and more.