There’s No Such Thing as a Velcro Strap

“Velcro” is actually a brand, not a product! The product is called hook and loop fasteners and we manufacture hundreds of thousands of straps annually with hook and loop. We make these straps with our DuraGrip Brand hook and loop as well as with VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners. So technically, the proper way to describe “Velcro straps” would be “Hook and Loop Straps made with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners”. Now lets strap in.

A hook and loop strap can be used for tons of applications and they come in a variety of styles.

There are different types of hook and loop materials too, from the standard nylon material to polyester and plastic. There are different hook and loop styles with higher and lower profiles for different strengths and applications. And there are standard sew on options as well as adhesive backed options. So now that we’ve cleared that up, there are also several different strap styles you can choose from as well.

We can manufacture DuraGrip® or VELCRO® Brand strap material in four different styles. There is the most popular one, the cinch strap, which has a plastic ring that you can feed the other end through to cinch it tightly. These can be used for tons of applications and are probably the most versatile of the four strap types.

Back straps are probably just as versatile as the cinch strap and functions in a similar way. The difference is that the back strap does not have a ring to feed the end of the strap through for cinching. These are a less expensive alternative to cinch straps.

Face straps and two way face straps are welded with the hook end facing the same direction as the loop and are used to mount cabling or as an adjustable fitting for braces.

We also customize straps in several ways. We can make sewing webbing straps, we can logo imprint, we can die cut material, and we can install grommets into the straps for mounting. Regardless of what you call them, hook and loop straps are a universal product that solve problems every day!