Teach Your Children with Hook and Loop Lessons

Hook and loop is a great teaching tool because it can be used with kids of all ages to give them a better time in the classroom. You do not want to do all the same learning crafts and games that you're used to doing, but you can keep doing new and interesting projects with kids that are going to be fun for them. You can try a few new games and activities, and all of them use the hook and loop that you already have on hand.

Child Painting 2

Hook and Loop Board

A display board with loop on it is the best place to start because you can tack anything on it at any time with some pieces of hook. It is a board that is going to be easy for your kids to use and if nothing else, the kids will love the sound it makes when you tear things off of it. You can use it to lay out the weekly schedule, reading lists, or homework assignments.

The Sticky Ball Board

You can actually play a game with kids where they pick the things they like the most or choose the answers by throwing a ball with the hook side on it at a board covered with the loop side. The kids are trying to hit the right answer or their favorite answer, and that makes it much easier for them to have a good time while they are learning. This is a really simple board that can literally be used for anything like a quiz about likes and dislikes, or mammals vs. fish. There are tons of possibilities.

Hook and Loop for Clothing Items

You can use hook and loop on clothing items when you are doing OT or PT work with kids. Of course eventually you're going to want to make sure that you are teaching kids to do things that are advanced, but you can start with something that is easy by using hook and loop. That's a good way for you to make sure that you are helping kids get confidence in what they're doing, and it is a good way to start when you know that you have a long way to go.


Hook and loop is great for teaching your science lesson. You can teach about how hook and loop was conceived by accident and what biomimicry is. You can teach kids that it has been used in everything from the space program to their shoes that they have on their feet. The kids will be surprised that it is a part of science history, and you can have them discover new ways to use these enclosures.

Hook and loop can be used in a variety of ways to pique the interest of every child, and you can even make lessons more fun!