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    Which Adhesive Should I Use For My Hook And Loop?

    We offer two types of adhesive backing for all of our peel and stick hook and loop products. There's a rubber based adhesive and an acrylic based adhesive. These are pressure sensitive adhesives, or PSAs, meaning that you simply have to apply pressure to the adhesive to stick it to the substrate (the material the adhesive is being stuck to). Each adhesive has it's own pros and cons but much of the adhesive's efficacy comes from ensuring a proper bond to the substrate. So we'll cover some various questions we often have to run through when recommending adhesives to our customers.

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    Rubber vs. Acrylic Based Adhesives

    Commonly known by the brand name of Velcro®, the widely used fastening, storage and organization system known as hook and loop provides convenience and durability to businesses, industries and homeowners around the world with the adhesive backed version of the product. The two main versions of Velcro® brand adhesive tapes are either rubber based or acrylic based. Each offers unique properties for various applications. Read on to learn more about choosing what sticky backed adhesive is right for you.

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