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  1. Web strap with sewing buckle for heavy duty use

    From Lightweight Lashings to Heavy-Duty Hauling: The Versatility of Webbing Straps

    The humble web strap may seem simple, but its versatility knows no bounds. From securing light cargo to managing heavy duty tasks, webbing straps with buckles offer a practical and adaptable solution across various industries and applications.

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  2. webbing-3-type-detail.jpg

    Webbing: Is Polypropylene the Best?

    When you need webbing for home, work or school use, it is important to know the best varieties for different purposes. Webbing is a durable woven fabric available in an assortment of widths and thicknesses for use on:

    • Camping gear – straps and handles on tents and sleeping bags
    • School supplies – shoulder straps on backpacks
    • Military gear – waterproof belts and straps
    • Furniture – outdoor items such as chairs and chaises
    • Vehicle safety – seat belts and shoulder harnesses
    • Pet supplies – leashes and collars
    • Clothing – embellishments or functions

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