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  1. How to Hang Your Mistletoe with Hook and Loop

    How to Hang Your Mistletoe with Hook and Loop
    New Year’s Eve is almost here and you’ve got to figure out a way to hang up your mistletoe. If you’re having trouble finding a good way to get it to stay where it’s supposed to, here are some suggestions on how to hang yours up with some hook and loop so you can be sure to steal a kiss from your crush this New Years. Continue reading →
  2. How Santa Uses Hook and Loop For Christmas (Probably)

    How Santa Uses Hook and Loop For Christmas (Probably)
    Santa Claus probably has plenty of uses for hook and loop. With Christmas here, we wanted to investigate how Santa might use some of our products to help him on his midnight run. Whether it’s on his suit, his sack of toys, or his sleigh, Santa has plenty of uses for the sturdy and convenient fasteners. Continue reading →
  3. Hook and Loop in the Medical Industry

    Hook and Loop in the Medical Industry
    In the medical field, where the pace can be frenetic, it is important to have equipment and supplies that are flexible, adjustable and conform to the easy-on, easy-off requirements of hospital emergency rooms and doctors’ offices. Straps, such as Velcro® brand Cable Ties or One Wrap, as well as peel-and-stick hook and loop meet all of these requirements and more. Continue reading →
  4. Hook and Loop in the Military

    Hook and Loop in the Military
    The adaptability and variety of hook and loop is perhaps most evident in its presence in the military industry. A fairly simple concept, hook-and-loop fasteners consist of two pieces. The hook, meaning the rough side, and the loop, or softer side, which is often referred to as "pile" by the military. When the two sides are joined together, the hooks attach to the loops, forming a strong bond that is used to fasten apparel, organize supplies and bundle military equipment and tools. Continue reading →
  5. Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in Transportation

    Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in Transportation
    Hook-and-loop applications have advanced and changed over the years, whether that's by increasing their strength and application or by branching out into the diverse areas of the aeronautical, marine, and automotive industries. Some hook-and-loop fasteners are used in the automotive industry in everything from fitting seat trim covers, armrests and head rests, to securing headliners and floor coverings. Velcro® brand One Wrap is used to keep loose wires and cables bundled safely together. The hook-and-loop fastening system is also a handy helper when it comes to aftermarket repairs, parts, and accessories. Sagging headliners, truck bed covers, or peeling door panels can quickly be repaired or secured with hook and loop. Continue reading →

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