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  1. Securing Couch Cushions with Hook and Loop

    Securing Couch Cushions with Hook and Loop
    Do you ever have issues keeping your couch cushions on your couch? Or maybe your patio chairs have a similar issue? Well one solution is to use hook and loop to secure your cushions to your furniture. We sell 6” wide black hook and loop that you can use to fasten your cushions to the base of your couch or chair. Continue reading →
  2. COVID-19 Face Shields

    COVID-19 Face Shields
    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken the world by storm, HookandLoop.com has been uniquely positioned to supply companies with large quantities of hook and loop material with incredible efficiency. Through our efforts, and the efforts of our customers and suppliers, we've been able to supply wholesale straps for the manufacture of hundreds of thousands of face shields and other PPE. Continue reading →
  3. Cleaning Hook

    Cleaning Hook
    Since the hook side is the rough scratchy side that sticks to everything, we get questions about how to clean it. It often gets debris in it if it isn't fastened during washing so we thought it would be useful to go over different ways to clean it out to use again! There are a few points to go over so let's get started. Continue reading →
  4. How to Remove Adhesive Backed Hook and Loop

    How to Remove Adhesive Backed Hook and Loop
    With hook and loop, many applications use adhesive backing. Adhesives are useful for applying fasteners to plastics, metals, and various other substrates. Now, sometimes these adhesives are applied with the expectation that they will be in place forever. In these instances, it happens from time to time that they need to be removed or replaced. So how do you do that? Continue reading →
  5. Washing Hook and Loop

    Washing Hook and Loop
    One question we get occasionally is whether or not hook and loop material is washable. The answer is yes, and there are a couple parts of this answer that can be elaborated on. One is regarding proper care for hook and loop when washing, the other is about the material itself. Continue reading →
  6. Industrial Sewing Machines vs. Home Sewing Machines

    Industrial Sewing Machines vs. Home Sewing Machines
    The types of sewing machines we use for reinforcing hook and loop straps with polypropylene webbing have some differences compared to a standard sewing machine you might have at home. We’ll go over some of those differences here. Continue reading →

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