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  1. Social Distancing with Hook and Loop

    Social Distancing with Hook and Loop
    Social distancing has seemingly become the new norm for everyone. Maintaining a safe distance helps reduce the spread of COVID-19 and helps keep everyone safe. Sometimes it's on the individual to maintain proper social distancing, and sometimes a business or public space utilizes signs and markers to identify what that safe distance is. Continue reading →
  2. Hook and Loop For Your Pets

    Hook and Loop For Your Pets
    In addition to using hook and loop to hold your pet’s food dish in place, there are tons of products that utilize hook and loop fasteners to make things easier on you and your pet. Continue reading →
  3. Customer Service

    Customer Service
    It’s important to highlight our customer service here at HookandLoop.com. Every weekday from 8am to 5pm we have staff available by phone at (800) 940-6934. We’re the fastest to respond and can help you find your products, help you determine what product is best, and help you design your strap. We have so much information readily available to share with you should you need it. Here are just a few ways we make things easier for you. Continue reading →
  4. We Accept POs from Schools

    We Accept POs from Schools
    At HookandLoop.com, we get a lot of orders from schools. Pre-K, special education, elementary, high school and more. Since most schools order through Purchase Orders and have departments that pay out those invoices, as well as being a government backed entity, we accept POs, or purchase orders, from public schools without the need to approve them on net terms first. Continue reading →
  5. Hook and Loop Can Secure Your Pet's Dish

    Hook and Loop Can Secure Your Pet's Dish
    Tired of your pets moving their food dish all over your floor and making a mess? You can use hook and loop to solve your problem. Continue reading →
  6. Hook and Loop Used in Rowing

    Hook and Loop Used in Rowing
    When rowing, hook and loop is a vital part of an effective stroke and a pleasant day on the water. Let’s take a look at some of the most important and most common ways to best utilize hook and loop in your boathouse. Continue reading →

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