1. Applications of Ultrasonic Welding

    Applications of Ultrasonic Welding
    In light of our last post regarding How to Make a Hook & Loop Strap, some of you may be wondering about ultrasonic welding and how it works. Ultrasonic welding is a manufacturing technique used to secure two materials together, such as attaching hook and loop. The first patent for welding metal objects using this process was awarded in 1960. Five years later, engineers discovered that sound waves could weld non-metal materials as well. The technique uses ultrasonic, high-frequency acoustic waves instead of heat or electricity. Continue reading →
  2. Velcro® brand Fasteners and NASA

    Velcro® brand Fasteners and NASA
      Velcro® Brand fasteners have been a commonplace fastening solution since the 1980s, but the invention of Velcro® Brand dates back to the 50s, and it is credited with holding together everything from toupees to Space Shuttles. Continue reading →
  3. Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in Transportation

    Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in Transportation
    Hook-and-loop applications have advanced and changed over the years, whether that's by increasing their strength and application or by branching out into the diverse areas of the aeronautical, marine, and automotive industries. Some hook-and-loop fasteners are used in the automotive industry in everything from fitting seat trim covers, armrests and head rests, to securing headliners and floor coverings. Velcro® brand One Wrap is used to keep loose wires and cables bundled safely together. The hook-and-loop fastening system is also a handy helper when it comes to aftermarket repairs, parts, and accessories. Sagging headliners, truck bed covers, or peeling door panels can quickly be repaired or secured with hook and loop. Continue reading →

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