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    Cleaning Hook and Loop

    Hook and loop fasteners are one of the most versatile methods of joining objects. The hook side of the fastener has a strong affinity for the fuzzy loop side. Unfortunately, that affinity also attracts a range of items. Over time, the hooks can collect lint, string, hair and other unsightly debris. Dirty hook and loop can make an otherwise clean item look old and tired. Additionally, all the fuzz that collects on the hooks can reduce the bond strength of the fastener. Cosmetic issues aside, it is worth paying attention to the cleanliness of the hook and loop on sports equipment or other items that rely on securing fastening to perform properly. Continue reading this post to learn how to clean hook and loop.

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    Maintaining Staying Power for Velcro ® Brand Fasteners

    Velcro® brand fasteners are such an ingeniously simple product that we often take it for granted, assuming it will last forever. However, there are factors that will cause VELCRO® Brand's durability to fail. Protecting hook and loop fasteners from the following will maximize its useful lifespan.

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