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With the summer finally in full swing, many of us will be taking trips to get away for a bit or take our families on a summer vacation. That means many of us will need to do some serious packing. When it comes to packing for a trip, there are some quick tips to maximize your suitcase space. After all, you’ll probably want to save some room to bring back souvenirs!

How to Fold Your Clothes

There are a couple of methods that work here. You can roll your clothes from the bottom to the top to save space. If done properly, this method also prevents hard creases in your clothing. If you’d prefer to fold your clothes, try folding several items at once, instead of individually. This should also help reduce the amount of space your clothes take up.

Using Empty Space

Try packing your socks and underwear in zip-top bags and stashing them in your shoes. By putting them in a zip-top bag, you can press them to get any excess air out of the bag. You can also use zip-top bags to pack your toiletries and liquids to store in between your shoes.

Personal Items

Most airlines allow you to bring one personal item on the flight with you. This personal item is usually a purse, backpack or tote bag. Be sure you are aware of any size requirements as they may vary with each airline. Bringing a bag on board allows you to access items in flight and lets you keep some extra space for souvenirs. You can also pack more clothing or coats in a carry-on bag.

Packing List

If you travel often, make a packing list of all the items you brought with you. After the trip, cross off the items you did not use or need. After a half dozen trips or so, you should really have a narrowed-down list of just the essentials so you don’t accidentally overpack.

Luggage Straps

Probably the easiest solution for packing is to just get a luggage strap. sells them for cheap—both a large luggage strap and a small luggage strap—and they come in neon yellow so your bag will be easy to identify at busy baggage claims. If your suitcase is over-packed and won’t fit on board, you often have to pay to check it. With a luggage strap, you can cinch it around your luggage to help reduce its bulk. The straps takes up virtually no space so you can leave it in your bag and just pull it out at the last second if you need to use it.


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