The Strongest Hook and Loop Strap

Hook and loop straps provide a convenient way to secure items such as cable, wire, electrical cords, fishing gear and luggage. There are many kinds of straps for any number of purposes, but the most common are cinch straps, back straps, face straps and two-way face straps.

Velcro Back Strap

Back Straps

Back straps are welded with the hook side up and the loop side down to form a band or cuff. Generally, the hook side is shorter than the loop side, allowing for more room to adjust. Back straps are most commonly used to bundle wires, tubing, hoses and fiber optic cables.

Velcro Face Strap

Face Straps

Face straps are welded with the hook side down and the loop side down. Face straps are used in much the same way as back straps, with the added benefit of a tag-like excess of loop which can be punched with a grommet for hanging.

Velcro Two Way Face Strap

Two Way Face Straps

A two-way face strap is made the same way as a face strap, except there is an added portion of hook welded to the other side of the loop. It is welded hook side down, loop side down, hook side down. Two-way face straps are used to bundle cables or hoses to piping, or to other cables or hoses that are meant to be organized yet separated from each other.

Velcro Cinch Strap

Cinch Straps

A cinch strap is made like a face strap, but at the other end of the loop there is a ring that gets connected by feeding the loop through the ring and welding the loop to itself. The use of the ring essentially makes a strong hold by channeling the tension parallel to the hook and loop connection. This makes for the strongest hold because hook and loop has a higher shear strength than peel strength.

In addition to heavy duty VELCRO® Brand cinch straps, there are different rings available for cinch strap VELCRO® Brand products as well. There are plastic rings, which are most common and suitable for most uses, but there are also nickel-plated rings for heavy-duty uses. Another option is to use a VELCRO® Brand strap with a buckle or clasp when making a heavy-duty strap and reinforcing it with polypropylene webbing.

Polypropylene Webbing For Straps

Webbing and Sewing

Webbing comes in several varieties as well. Think of a backpack strap, a seatbelt, or a reflective safety vest for just a few of those varieties. Coming in Lightweight and Heavyweight versions, webbing is made of polypropylene, nylon or polyester. Polypropylene is the most commonly used type of webbing, suitable for most tasks. The nylon webbing is good for high-abrasion applications, and the polyester webbing is best suited for wet conditions, as it holds up best.

Specialty and Custom Straps

Stretchy elastic hook and loop broadens the scope of cinch strap possibilities even more. Orthopedics, athletics departments, hospitals and trainers all use straps made with elastic or stretch loop to exercise, strengthen, rehabilitate or immobilize muscles, joints and tendons. Fill out our custom strap form to request a quote today.

Whether using a back strap to bundle cables, a two-way face strap to hang wiring, or a cinch strap to secure transport, the possible uses for any of these straps is endless. It is even possible to have a company logo or name imprinted onto each one.