All of the strap options we have available online are only a fraction of what we can do. Every part of our strap manufacturing process is fully customizable and we can provide a quote usually in the same day. We offer custom tip styles, colors, and lengths as well as sewn straps, grommets, and more.

[caption id="attachment_2195" align="aligncenter" width="448"]We make tons of custom velcro straps for all situations including elastic, webbing, clips, and more. We have tons of custom strap options for all of our straps including elastic, webbing, clips, and more.[/caption]

Strap Colors

We offer two brands of material in different colors. Our DuraGrip Brand hook and loop is available in 25 colors in all the standard widths. We can use different color hook and loop, offering strap options with an easy to find tip.

Strap Tips

Speaking of strap tips, we can cut the hook portion straight with a squared off end, or we can cut a round half-circle tip on most sizes. We can also cut a bullet nose tip, where the hook is cut with a conical shape that is rounded. Additionally, our EZ Peel tip includes a portion of the hook that is folded over onto itself and welded to prevent the very end from engaging with the loop side. This creates a tab that is easy to unfasten, ideal for firefighters who wear gloves, or in any instance where unfastening the strap quickly and easily is important.

Strap Styles

There are four basic strap options or styles that are altered and customized to create every hook and loop strap. We have a full explainer on the different strap styles in our How to Make a Hook and Loop Strap blog post.


With so many choices available, our straps are fully customizable. Choose which width, length, color, style and tip type you’d like for you strap, and they you can request a custom quote for the exact product you’re looking for on our Custom Strap Form. We offer tiered pricing based on quantity too!

Beyond custom colors and sizes, we can also provide additional conversion services for our strap manufacturing including sewing and grommet installation. Sometimes straps require being sewn to webbing or elastic. We make tons of different straps that are either partially or completely sewn. The webbing can provide added strength for heavy duty applications and sewing elastic can help a custom strap fit a wider range of applications. Grommets are often installed for use on straps where the strap will be bolted, screwed or riveted to a seat, wall, or some other permanent product. You can even request a strap with a nickel plated ring instead of a black or white plastic ring. There is truly no limit to the amount of custom options we provide at