Staying in the Loop: Sewing How-To & The Iditarod

Hook and loop is used in so many applications, it’s difficult to know where to start. After all, it’s not just shoes and wallets that use these practical fasteners. We’re going to start highlighting some interesting applications that we come across, including new business ventures, technology, and DIY stuff, among others.

Husky by Steve K is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Velcro® booties Help Iditarod Sled Dogs
Another neat article is this one from the NWI Times, that the Northwest Indiana Times, featuring Karen Land (a native if Indianapolis) and her sled racing stories. She explained to a crowd at the local library about the condition of the race dogs, including their size, diet, and coat. She even mentioned bringing booties and coats that fasten with Velcro® brand hook and loop to protect the dogs from the elements when necessary during the 1,100 mile race.

Sewing How-To Video
The good people at ITS Tactical have made a nice video with great tips for sewing loop onto bags and clothing. If you're working on any sewing projects that involve Velcro® brand fasteners, be sure to check it out below:

Household Applications
This apartment decor site offers a list of various ways to use hook and loop fasteners around your house or apartment to help with everything from saving space to organizing standard items like cables and the TV remote.


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