Staying in the Loop: Sandboarding in Peru and Sleeping in Space

Hook and loop is used in so many applications, it’s difficult to know where to start. After all, it’s not just shoes and wallets that use these practical fasteners. We’re highlighting some interesting applications that we come across, including new business ventures, technology, and DIY stuff, among others.



Sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru

Apparently about an hour outside of Pisco, and closer to five hours from Lima, is the oasis town of Huacachina. Surrounded by sand dunes for miles, you can rent "sandboards", which can be as simple as wooden boards with hook and loop straps or as nice as standard snowboards, and head out to fly down the dunes. It looks like fun!

How Do Astronauts Sleep?

In this video, astronaut Chris Hadfield displays how to secure one's self for sleeping in the International Space Station. In the weightlessness of space, they would float around the cabin if they didn't secure themselves in their sleep pods. On the plus side, they don't need pillows although some astronauts have used hook and loop straps to secure pillows to their head to help them sleep.

Charlie the Terrier Gets a Set of Wheels

This is a story from the UK where a terrier named Charlie was hit by a train and found a new owner, Sarah, after he had to have his front legs amputated. Sarah saw a picture of Charlie on Facebook and took it upon herself to contact the person who rescued him in order to adopt the dog. Once he was at his new home, Sarah bought a wheeled rig for Charlie to move around in by strapping him to it with hook and loop straps. Now the disabled pup is as mobile as his new best friends; Sarah also has four other dogs and five horses.