Staying in the Loop: A River Rescue & Nike's Newest Shoe

Hook and loop is used in so many applications, it’s difficult to know where to start. After all, it’s not just shoes and wallets that use these practical fasteners. We’re going to start highlighting some interesting applications that we come across, including new business ventures, technology, and DIY stuff, among others.


River Rescue
This article features a fire chief using a drone to deliver a life vest to a boy stranded on a rock in a rushing river. The chief used hook and loop to attach a water rescue line to the drone so the stranded boy could pull a life vest in from the shore. The article offers a pretty interesting list featuring real-life examples of drone uses in rescue and recon missions for fire departments.

Nike’s New Shoe Design
I mentioned hook and loop is not all about shoes, but this is a pretty cool application. Matthew Walzer is a teenager who was born with cerebral palsy and has limited use of his hands. His letter to Nike started a back and forth that eventually resulted in a shoe design that allows him to put his new LeBrons on by himself, giving him the independence he was looking for as he left for college.

Classroom Makeover
This story out of Joplin, KS involves the Velcro® Companies. The College Heights Christian School won a $10,000 makeover that includes laptops and tablets as well as new tables and chairs for the children to use. Velcro® brand fasteners were also used to make the classroom more mobile overall. Velcro® Companies actually decided to match the $10,000 prize so the other second grade class at the school will also be able to receive a makeover.