Personalize Your Stuff with Hook and Loop

From helping to keep shoes snug on our children's feet to attaching cable bundles, Hook and Loop has made our lives easier. With a little creativity, you can also personalize your stuff with Hook and Loop in just a few short steps.

Make your luggage identifiable at the airport baggage claim. All you need is a fabric applique of your choice and sticky-back hook and loop or Velcro® brand fasteners (or you can order a luggage strap from us). Press the sticky side of the loop onto your luggage and press the sticky side of the hook to the backside of your applique. The same idea can be applied to your wallet or phone case for a little personalized style.

Coffee mugs for your guests go from plain to special when personalized with Velcro® brand One-Wrap® fasteners and paper printables. Cut enough Velcro® brand One-Wrap® fastener to overlap the circumference of the mug. Apply a small amount of adhesive to the printable and press lightly onto the fastener. These are especially handy around the holidays as a fun little craft session with the kids. You can visit the JoAnn Fabrics site for a Christmas themed printable and directions.

There is also an easy-to-make case filled with LEGO® blocks that will keep the kids occupied on those lengthy drives. All that is required is a plastic pencil box, sticky hook and loop, a LEGO® building plate and heavy-duty kitchen scissors.

Make storage labels for plastic bins using hook and loop, solid-colored cotton fabric and a permanent marker. Attach the sticky side of the loop, about 3 inches long, to the front of the bin. Apply fabric glue to the back of the hook side (the surface that will be facing outward). Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the hook piece and smooth the back side of the fabric over the glue and let it dry. Trim off the excess fabric with scissors and use a permanent marker to write the contents of the bin on your label.

With a little imagination, you will surely come up with more personalization ideas with the help of hook and loop.


Slava Yurthev Copyright