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  1. Wide Hook Options

    Wide Hook Options
    We often get phone calls and emails from customers asking if we offer any wide hook options to go along with the wide loop products we sell. The fact of the matter is that sheets of wide hook just aren’t manufactured because there isn’t the demand to justify the cost of manufacturing such a product. However, there are some options that can solve most needs for a wide hook fastener. Continue reading
  2. How Hook and Loop Has Flipped the Script on Biomimicry

    How Hook and Loop Has Flipped the Script on Biomimicry
    Biomimicry is when science copies nature to design new products. That may be too blunt. It's more like using nature to inspire new ideas and re-purpose natural attributes to create solutions. For instance, George de Mestral created VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners after mimicking his design after the cockle burr. The burrs got caught in his dog's fur during a hike. Continue reading
  3. Unknown Facts About VELCRO ® Brand Products

    Unknown Facts About VELCRO ® Brand Products
    There is a misconception about what the VELCRO ® brand is exactly. Is it the name of the company or the product? Did NASA invent VELCRO ® brand hook and loop? And if not, where did such a remarkable product come from? There are a lot of different questions that pop up when it comes to the clever and ingenious material. Here are just a few VELCRO® Brand facts you may not have known about the hook and loop product. Continue reading
  4. Top Movies That Used Hook and Loop

    Top Movies That Used Hook and Loop
    Many people around the world use hook and loop for just about anything. There was recently a show which introduced using this fastener to keep your sheets from coming off of the bed. There are plenty of ways to use hook and loop to secure things in place without being seen, a trait that Hollywood finds very useful. Continue reading
  5. TV Props Made from Hook and Loop

    TV Props Made from Hook and Loop
    In 1955, Swiss engineer George de Mestral patented the hook and loop fastener which came to be known as VELCRO®, or hook and loop fasteners. During the Apollo program, NASA saw this fastener as a way to secure a number of items in zero gravity conditions. It became an integral addition to the moon flights and helped to fasten the astronauts’ space boots and gloves. Is it any wonder that it would go on to be employed to construct props for TV sci-fi shows? Continue reading
  6. Hook and Loop in the World of Textiles

    Hook and Loop in the World of Textiles
    Everyone knows the brand VELCRO® but not many people can tell you what it is. VELCRO® is a brand of hook and loop fasteners manufactured by the Velcro companies. Hook and loop is a textile. So what is a textile? A textile is a material made of interlacing fibers. It's a broad term that includes fabrics and cloths and any variety of natural or artificial fibers such as cotton, silk, nylon and polyester. Now that we know what a textile is, how does a textile get made? Continue reading