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  1. Hook and Loop for Construction, Industrial and Commercial Uses

    Hook and Loop for Construction, Industrial and Commercial Uses
    Hook and loop is used in the construction, industrial, electrical and manufacturing fields to provide storage, organization and safety solutions. More products, tools and safety equipment are outfitted with this unique invention than ever before. Continue reading →
  2. Hook and Loop in the Military

    Hook and Loop in the Military
    The adaptability and variety of hook and loop is perhaps most evident in its presence in the military industry. A fairly simple concept, hook-and-loop fasteners consist of two pieces. The hook, meaning the rough side, and the loop, or softer side, which is often referred to as "pile" by the military. When the two sides are joined together, the hooks attach to the loops, forming a strong bond that is used to fasten apparel, organize supplies and bundle military equipment and tools. Continue reading →
  3. Packaging and Handling with Hook and Loop

    Packaging and Handling with Hook and Loop
    The business of packaging and handling has been made easier through the use of hook and loop. DuraGripTM brand or Velcro® brand hook-and-loop fasteners come in such a wide variety of styles, sizes and strengths that there is practically no task they can’t accomplish. Continue reading →
  4. Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in Sports

    Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in Sports
    Hook-and-loop closures have become an integral part of sports. Whether they ensure the proper fit of protective gear or improve the effectiveness of training equipment, these fasteners make many sports safer. They are used by athletes, trainers, coaches and players. They are even used by physical education teachers in schools. The ability to adjust tightness and length makes them useful in a variety of sports. Continue reading →
  5. Applications of Ultrasonic Welding

    Applications of Ultrasonic Welding
    In light of our last post regarding How to Make a Hook & Loop Strap, some of you may be wondering about ultrasonic welding and how it works. Ultrasonic welding is a manufacturing technique used to secure two materials together, such as attaching hook and loop. The first patent for welding metal objects using this process was awarded in 1960. Five years later, engineers discovered that sound waves could weld non-metal materials as well. The technique uses ultrasonic, high-frequency acoustic waves instead of heat or electricity. Continue reading →
  6. How to Make a Hook and Loop Strap (Part 2)

    How to Make a Hook and Loop Strap (Part 2)
    Last week, we covered the four main variations of hook and loop straps and the first three steps of how we cut the material to length. In the following hook and loop strap making steps, we'll go over the four types of strap tips, their advantages, and how we bond these materials together. We'll also examine the Logo Imprinting process, the options available for cinch strap rings, and when to use a grommet for your custom strap. Continue reading →

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