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  1. HookandLoop.com Installs Grommets in Straps

    HookandLoop.com Installs Grommets in Straps
    The service technicians at HookandLoop.com install grommets into straps. Grommets are small rings -- usually brass -- that are punched through any number of materials: paper, canvas, leather, etc. The purpose of these metal rings is to protect the surrounding material from damage when cords or strings are run through the hole of the grommet. Think of the rings your shoe laces are fed through, only stronger. If the rings weren't there, the material would eventually wear out and tear. Continue reading
  2. Funny and Strange Uses for Hook and Loop Fasteners

    Funny and Strange Uses for Hook and Loop Fasteners
    Hook and loop fasteners have been around for more than 60 years -- plenty of time for people to discover strange new uses for them. They are used in everyday applications, such as shoes and diapers, to more exotic uses like Aerospace applications. Astronauts dealing with zero gravity use Velcro® for everything from keeping their personal hygiene products in place in storage bags to fastening pieces to a chess board during leisurely time in space. Continue reading
  3. Other Uses for Hook and Loop Fasteners

    Other Uses for Hook and Loop Fasteners
    Hook and loop fasteners are versatile enough to be used for pretty much anything and everything: camera bags, diapers, display panels at corporate trade shows and conventions -- the list is endless. Because of its ease of use, NASA has even used the fasteners on state-of-the-art astronaut suits. In fact, most individuals are likely unaware of how truly pervasive hook and loop is. Continue reading
  4. Velcro® Brand Hook & Loop Fasteners in Art

    Velcro® Brand Hook & Loop Fasteners in Art
    Creative expression in art takes limitless forms, and the use of Velcro® brand hook and loop fasteners can expand artistic applications in unique and innovative ways. Arts and crafts projects, for both children and adults, benefit from using Velcro® brand hook and loop material. A collage can be much more than a flat, two-dimensional work. Instead, it can extend into three dimensions by attaching different shaped items with hook and loop. Three-dimensional models, hand-decorated clothing, tote bags, purses, hair clips, holiday stockings and much more become singular expressions through using hook and loop material. Continue reading
  5. What are Hook & Loop Fasteners Made of?

    What are Hook & Loop Fasteners Made of?
    Hook and loop fasteners consist of two distinct pieces. There is the rough side, known as hook because it is covered with several tiny hooks per square inch, and there is the soft side, known as loop because it is covered with many small loops. When the two sides are pressed together, the hooks engage the loops. This creates a bond that is exceptionally strong and allows for repeated use without the products wearing out. Continue reading
  6. What is Hook & Loop?

    What is Hook & Loop?
    Hook and loop is a product better known by the term Velcro®. Velcro® is actually the name of the company that first designed and created these fasteners. The product name is hook and loop, and it has an interesting history. George de Mestral developed the idea in the 1940s. After a hunting trip, he studied the burrs that stuck to his clothing and noticed tiny hooks that latched onto the loops in fabric and other surfaces. De Mestral imagined making a fastener from two pieces of material, using hooks on one piece and loops on another. Continue reading

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