Packaging and Handling with Hook and Loop

We make packaging and handling easier through the use of hook and loop. DuraGrip® Brand or VELCRO® Brand fasteners come in such a wide variety of styles, sizes, and strengths that there is practically no task they can’t accomplish.

Pallet straps securing a shipment.


Hook and loop straps can bundle, support, and organize anything from strapping down pallets to supporting transporters on back braces. Browse our packaging strips and choose from a broad range of widths, colors and lengths designed for heavy duty packaging needs. We make cinch straps in widths ranging from 5/8" up to 3", and in any length. Rings are available in plastic or nickel, for additional strength. Cinch straps are a great way to secure products to pallets or to secure products in transport. These packaging straps can be reinforced with webbing, or can be double-sided with loop to protect the strapped-down cargo from damage due to objects shifting in transit.

Packaging equipment.

Peel & Stick Coins

Peel and stick coins are a useful way to secure small packages like end user boxes or bagged items like envelopes. Face straps with grommets are great for securing packages to pallets. A grommet is a small brass ring that is punched through material. Grommets are ideal for withstanding rope and string loads. Peel and stick loop protects wrapped corners from damage.

Packaged straps.

Packaging packages orders neatly and we can package them by piece-count or as sets for assemblies or end users. We also offer our quick sample service, which is 4 custom made straps, packaged in a shipping envelope and shipped via U.S. mail for $20.00. We also offer cut-to-length services free of charge and can ship these orders by the pallet load. offers a variety of shipping options for orders of any size.

However you want your products packaged or shipped, has a solution that works for you.