Other Uses for Hook and Loop Fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners are versatile enough to be used for pretty much anything and everything: camera bags, diapers, display panels at corporate trade shows and conventions - the list is endless. Because of its ease of use, NASA has even used the fasteners on state-of-the-art astronaut suits and equipment. In fact, most people are likely unaware of how truly pervasive hook and loop is. Continue reading this post to learn how to use hook and loop tape fasteners for everyday uses!

Hook and loop fasteners allow versatility in trade-show displays.


Because professional photographers often have to haul around delicate pieces of equipment, they use bags and carrying cases that remain tightly sealed to protect their gear (many high-end cameras cost thousands of dollars and have expensive components). Hook and loop fasteners are used to secure these components inside the carrying case. This makes it easy to modify camera cases to securely fit all equipment. Hook and loop is also used in photo layout planning as an easy way to rearrange ideas. Photographs can also be hung on walls using peel and stick hook and loop fasteners.

Personal Care

Hook and loop is also widespread in personal care items. Diapers, aprons, and bibs all use these fasteners to join together sections of fabric. The ease of use makes these fasteners a no brainer on material that need to be disposed of or laundered frequently.

Trade Shows and Conventions

Trade show booths utilize display loop to organize products and product information for consumers. Booth installers at large conventions often use it to hang signs that promote new merchandise. Wide loop products are durable and can be used for tabletop displays. Because hook and loop makes it easy to change things out, companies can set up their booths in different ways every day.

Pedal Boards and Displays

Wide loop can be used to make pedal boards for guitar equipment and shadow boxes for displaying morale patches and commendations. Clubs and organizations also benefit from hook and loop by using the sew-on variety to secure scout patches, sports memorabilia, and doll or pet clothing.

Interior Decorating

Hook and loop is also useful around the house. It can be used to bundle computer cords, hold furniture cushions in place, and organize garage tools and pantry shelves. Hook-and-loop fasteners can even be used to hang art on walls or display children's prized possessions.

In the end, hook and loop can be used in a wide variety of ways to organize, display, and secure almost anything you can imagine.