Logo Imprinting

We offer lots of customization and converting services at HookandLoop.com, including logo imprinting onto the straps we manufacture. We make straps from the hook and loop material we sell. There are 4 strap styles we offer, all of which can be customized by size, length, color and material as well as further customizing based on drawing specs or additional pieces added to it.

The 4 strap styles are:

The back strap which is made of separate lengths of hook and loop welded together and facing opposite directions so that the material can be wrapped around each other and fastened like a cuff.

The face strap which is just like a back strap except the hook and loop face the same direction so that the material folds in half to fasten.

The cinch strap is the same as a face strap except there is a rectangular ring or buckle welded to the other end of the loop portion. This allows for the hook portion to be fed through the ring and cinched back to fasten the strap tightly. This is our most popular strap style.

The two way face strap is the same as a face strap except there is another portion of hook that gets welded to the other end of the loop portion so that each hook portion can be folded onto the loop portion from each end.

Logo Locations

Now, once you know what kind of strap you need, there are logo imprinting options available. When we logo imprint, it is generally done on the back side of the hook portion which ends up facing out when these straps are fastened, so the logo can be displayed. We print here because it provides the smoothest surface for a clean printing and because it is easily visible when the strap is in use. There are certain instances where customers have requested that their logo be printed onto the loop or the hook directly and we can accommodate those requests. It's just important to note that the logo may not print as crisply since the surface is malleable and that when the hook and loop is engaged and disengaged over and over, the logo may wear out over time. We can also imprint logos onto strips of hook or loop material instead of a strap. This can come in handy for labeling purposes.

Logo Limitations

So what are our limitations for logo imprinting? Well, we can only print in a single color. Our printing setup only allows for single color plate prints so if more than one color is required, we would have to have separate plates made and run the printing separately. We would also have to manually align the material for the second print by hand. It's not impossible, but it is not usually cost effective. That's why we stick to a single ink color. We also have a maximum printing area of just under 2" x 3" meaning we cannot print anything that is 2" x 3" or larger, so all logos must fit within those limits. That's another reason why printing onto the backside of the hook portion makes the most sense. When you factor in that most straps are no more than 2" wide and that the hook portion is often around 3" long, a logo that is maxed out to fit within that area still falls within our limitations.

Another factor in laying out logos for printing is text size. Some logos contain small text, especially when it is shrunken down to a 2" x 3" area. We can remove elements of a logo like small text or increase the size of the text so that it is legible when printed. We always send over mock ups for approval before creating any printing plates, so everything gets approved by you as we go. Once the logo is sized to fit and agreed upon, it takes about a day to get the printing plate made and the material and ink set up and then we can begin printing! Most orders can be printed and shipped in about 3-5 business days.

Even though we print in a single color, there are still several colors of ink to choose from. Couple that with our variety of hook and loop color options and you should be able to design a strap that really pops! Send us an email if you have any questions or if you'd like to find out more about our logo imprinting and how it can benefit you at [email protected].


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