Logo Imprinting

Logo imprinting uses a process known as pad printing to transfer an image or text to a rounded, flat, or rough surface. Electronics, apparel, medical supplies, automotive accessories, toys, and sports equipment all use logo imprinting.  

Logo imprinted hook and loop tips

How the Plates are Made

The technique used for creating plates involves chemical etching of photo-polymer plates along with photo exposure using film positives. These plates may last beyond one million impressions. There is also a method that uses laser etching, but it is not as common. This is due to its shorter plate life of about 10,000 impressions. These logos can include detailed designs.

Logo Imprinting Process

We create a cliché of the imprint logo with ink and film. Both undergo physical changes during the transfer process. This makes it easier for them to adhere to the silicone pad and eventually the substrate. Silicone pads allow the ink to adhere to images and transfer them to other surfaces. The process starts with a magnetic cup containing ink, which is placed upside down over the artwork etched printing plate. This creates a seal. The cup slides across the plate, filling the image with ink. Then it slides back to its starting point, taking away any excess ink along with it. The movement leaves the ink filled image exposed to the air, which causes the ink to become tacky; this allows the ink to stick to the silicone transfer pad, which then comes down and presses against the image. Printer pad pressing ink onto substrate. The silicon pad presses down onto the exposed ink, pushing air outward. The pad picks up the ink when lifted. As the pad moves from the printing plate to the substrate, the ink cup also moves from its starting point to the artwork, refilling the image with ink. The ink on the pad is now exposed to air and tacky. The pad presses against the substrate, imprinting the image or logo onto it. After that the pad moves back to the printing plate. The ink cup moves back to its starting point, and the process repeats. This process means we can only imprint using a single color. Most logos are printed in white ink, and black is also available. For additional color options, there may be a lead time and a charge of $30.00.

Marketing Uses

This technique applies logos or images to surfaces that would not normally receive print easily. That opens up a whole new realm of marketing possibilities. Branded straps mean customers know where to go to find your product. Organize inventory with logo imprinted hook on shelves that contain the loop side. Small straps can be added to products like towels or battery packs that are hard to brand on their own. For details about logo imprinting and how it can help your business, contact us today at [email protected].