Let Hook and Loop Help You Stay Organized

If you need help organizing your home, office, or any other area you spend a majority of your time in, hook and loop fasteners can help declutter your space. Whether you need to bundle cables out of the way, hold curtains up in an RV, or organize your automotive shop, we have you covered with some easy organization tips you may not have thought of.


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Heavy-duty hook and loop fasteners can be used in a variety of unique ways. We probably wouldn’t recommend all of them, like pilling your sweater or hanging pictures, but securing cushions and rugs is a great example. Use it to hold floor mats in place in your vehicle, or to keep things organized in your drawer. Use hook and loop to attach small fire extinguishers to the wall in easily visible locations. This strong, long-lasting product can also be used to hold heavier hoses out of the way and up off the floor, avoiding tripping hazards. It’s important to note that these strong adhesives will often damage the wall upon removal, so be sure to apply it to a metal or plastic surface for easiest removal.

You can use these fasteners inside the home as well. Use a small square of 1” peel and stick to attach remote controls to the side of the TV, DVD player, or other device to keep them organized. Our hook and loop straps make great cable organizers so the mess of wires at the back of your entertainment center is always under control. You can also make a handy key holder for your front door by attaching different colors of hook and loop to a cork bulletin board or other flat surface. Then attach a small loop of coordinating hook and loop to your key chain, and voila! Never lose your keys at home again.

Hook and loop has many uses outside the home as well. We all know how messy and unsightly a disorganized garage or shed can get. Hook and loop can make keeping your space clean a cinch. Using small screw-top jars with a clear lid such as those found at a craft store, you can attach one piece of hook and loop to your wall, and the other piece to the bottom of the jar. Then fill it with your tiny trinkets and you can always see what you have and where it is.

1/2” hook and loop strips can be used to “hem” curtains as well. If you love the pattern of those curtains you just bought, but are tired of them covering up the air conditioning or furnace vents, then simply attach strips of hook and loop and fold the hem of the curtain upward to instantly shorten it. No sewing skills required! This can also be applied to Halloween costumes that need a little help, when you don’t have time to haul out the sewing machine.

There are an unlimited number of uses for hook and loop products, and how they can improve your life.


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