Keep Your Car Organized & Clean With VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Did you know that hook and loop can help you stop things from sliding around in the back of your car? Our tough, long lasting DuraGrip and VELCRO® brand fasteners allow for better organization during daily commutes to work, school or to and from the store. Don't let a sharp turn send your groceries tumbling all over the trunk or the back seat. Our affordable fasteners and car organization hacks will save aggravation and keep you safer on the road, too!

Car Rear Cargo

Secure Items in Your Vehicle

Today's drivers have use for a wide assortment of DuraGrip and VELCRO® brand fasteners. For example, using well-placed VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® dots, coins, or strips in the back of an SUV, minivan, or car trunk to secure baskets or netting to help prevent items from slipping and spilling in transit. It's no fun to purchase an expensive vehicle and then have to spend additional money on detailing because you forgot to use some hook and loop to secure your belongings on the road. A simple strip of adhesive backed hook or a cinch strap can save a small fortune in cleanup expenses.

Install Wide Loop Panels

Use VELCRO® Brand Wide Loop products to create a modular trunk or glovebox. Apply adhesive to the back of these wide loop products and attach them to a trunk floor mat. Then you can use hook pieces to secure baskets, containers, and other storage areas to keep your vehicle organized and clean. Lining your glovebox with this loop material means you can securely store valuable items you might need to access quickly while still being able to store them safely inside a locked glovebox.

Seat Covers

Seat covers are a great way to keep your original seats clean and stain-free, especially if you've got children riding in your car often. Most seat covers are easy enough to install and utilize hook and loop fasteners to snugly fit over the original seats. You can even get themed seat covers to add a little personality to your car's interior!

Carrying a Cooler Effortlessly

If you've ever carried a cooler with you to a game or a picnic, you'll appreciate the frustration experienced by drivers in this situation who arrive at a destination, only to discover that crossing a train track caused the cooler to spill liquid all over the back of the vehicle. Don't ever let this happen to you. Use some hook and loop straps to secure your cooler lid so it won't bounce open while driving. You can even use straps to secure the handles to any cargo hooks to keep it from sliding around too! Your cooler will ride evenly and you won't need to clean up a mess.

Store Reusable Shopping Bags

If you prefer reusable shopping bags, you can use hook and loop straps to keep them bundled together and less likely to tip over and spill your groceries on the road. Keep empty bags neatly secured and out of the way with a face strap mounted on a hook on the sidewall of your car. You can even use that strap to easily carry all your bags at once.