Industrial Sewing Machines vs. Home Sewing Machines

The types of sewing machines we use for reinforcing hook and loop straps with polypropylene webbing have some differences compared to a standard sewing machine you might have at home. We’ll go over some of those differences here.

Industrial sewing machine for hook and loop sewn straps


The quality of stitch on an industrial sewing machine is superior to a standard home model. This can be for a variety of reasons including thread differences, tension, and poor settings. The machine itself is manufactured from higher quality materials like metal as opposed to a home machine that may contain more plastic parts.


Industrial sewing machines are designed to withstand large volume and production, manufactured with stronger pieces. Since the components within the machine are stronger and more durable, particularly regarding the motor, they can withstand prolonged use and can stitch much faster than a domestic sewing machine.


Industrial sewers use heavier deniers of thread that a typical home model would not be able to use effectively. This is because the overall build if the industrial model is more robust and durable, allowing more power output.

Stitch Options

Industrial machines have fewer stitch options built in, allowing for sturdier pieces, longer life and faster stitching. A standard sewing machine includes dozens of stitch options which can cause the machine to wear out faster.

These are just some of the differences between the sewing equipment we utilize here everyday and the standard equipment you might find in your home. We sew hook and loop material as well as webbing, elastic, rubberized sheeting and more. Sometimes we sew through several of these items at once. With heavy duty industrial sewing machines, we’re able to create straps and other sewn items with a quick turnaround and for a good price, two things that are critical in manufacturing.

If you have interest in our sewing capabilities or to request a quote for a sewn strap, please visit our custom strap form.